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Classic paper testing methods test the static properties of paper in normalized climate. Therefore the hygroscopic character and the dynamic behaviour of paper is totally eliminated from the results.
The emco DPM method characterizes the dynamic behaviour of paper in relevance to paper processing:

  • Printing and lacquering processes
  • Coating processes
  • Gluing and laminating processes
  • Manufacture of corrugated board, manufacture of folding boxes
  • Other converting processes

emcoCalculator is a program for numerical characterization of sizing, for determination of wet strength and for tests on coated paper when water, ink, glue or other liquids penetrates.

In 1993 with the software for emco DPM27 emco already introduced numbers: tB, L, tS, S, tK, K and tV as extreme values from the curve by a maximum = 100 % normalized relative scale.
In 2004 emco introduces a new number system with the software for emco DPM33. It is based on the absolute standardized logarithmic decibel scale (dB). And by using ultrasound transmission it expresses both the dynamic and the static behaviour of interaction between paper and liquid.