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emco IAS - Topography of Paper

All applications are based on the original algorithms of Dr. Praast. The image is obtained by the camera. The numerical results and the images are availible after seconds.

In addition to established products new evaluation methods for paper topography are developed in close collaboration with Dr. Hermann Praast and end users: greasiness/ calander mottling as well as marks of felt, wire and dandy roll.



Cockling Tester

  • Determination of local tensions (bubble content) and global tensions (waviness), which are permanently visible after the humidification


Scarredness Tester

  • Determination und evaluation of the recessed areas, which are a result of the paper technology and influence the visual impression of the paper surface


Calender Blackening Tester

  • Characterization of the negative optic impression of SC papers, which is caused by the super calender


Press Marks Tester

  • Industry standard for the evaluation of the embossing of cigarette papers


Mottling Tester

  • Determination of the optic irregularity (print disturbance) of papers and completely printed areas


Missing Dots Tester

  • Determination of imperfections in halftone prints