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Knowing paper better with unique products


Dynamic Penetration Measurement

The emco DPM supports the method of the dynamic penetration investigation of the paper quality through ultrasonic transmission according to Robert Beltz. Coating, sizing, capillarity, absorption capacity as well as runability and printability of papers are measured with simultaneous determination of shrinkage and extension properties.


Topography of Paper

Specialities in the paper topography, such as bubble content, waviness and scarredness, calender blackening, press marks, mottling and missing dots can be defined by a camera with the help of clear parameters. All applications are original algorithms of Dr. Hermann Praast for the investigation of the paper topography by image acquisition.


Paper Testing Instruments

The emco paper testing instruments include configurable paper testing automates for quality control and automated standard paper testing instruments according to DIN or TAPPI-standard for paper, paper board, carton and films. The quantities moisture, grammage, wet tension, splitting strength, smoothness, porosity and thickness are determined.


Moisture Measuring Instruments

The mobile and non-destructive moisture measurement of emco can be used for the determination of equilibrium moisture as well as absolute and relative moisture of waste paper, paper, carton, wood, textils and prepared printing products.


Web Tension Control

With the emco BSM web tensions can be measured, analyzed and managed in the process for the aware of maculature and web breaks. Especially this method is used for the commercial web-offset and newspaper priting.


Further Products

The thickness measurement for non-metal materials as paper, textils, veneer, wood, leather, rubber, plastic and glass as well as the mobile and non-destructive temperature measurement of paper via infrared are also part of the range of emco.