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emco Climate, moisture and paper

All physical features of paper depend on its water content which comes as balance to the existing climate. The water content changes with the climate change. The paper specification in Europe only contains physical features which were determined for equilibrium moisture content on a temperature of 23 °C and a relative humidity of 50 %.

The water content of paper depends on the formula and manufacturing technology. Because of that it can be different even the papers are the same.

Because of that the most important condition for every trouble-free paper processing, storage and use is the knowing of the relation between climate and moisture with the paper including the dynamic of the adaption.



emco AP 500-M5 solution

  • Management system for recovered paper
  • Mobile determination of the moisture (water content in %) of waste paper bales – without sample-taking
  • Manipulation-free documentation of operator name, serial number, date, time and location for each measurement in a database


emco AP 500-M3 and AP 500

  • Mobile determination of the moisture (water content in %) of waste paper bales – without sample-taking
  • Worldwide Number One for the fast determination of waste paper


emco Dolphin P

  • Measuring system as blade sensor for the determination of formula-specific equilibrium moisture of paper, wood, textiles and other hygroscopic materials


emco MP - Moisture Predictor

  • Nondestructive determination of water content of paper, cardboard and pulp on stacks and reels through the packaging


emco PMSA - Single Paper Sheet Moisture Analyzer

  • Fast moisture sensor for determining the water content of individual sheets of paper


emco PMM - Paper management moisture

  • Device system for job-related determination of the equilibrium moisture content in printed media and documentation in database