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emco IAS Mottling tester

The emco IAS Mottling tester determinates the optical inhomogeneity of printed and unprinted papers on a surface of 30 mm x 30 mm. Mottling is print unevenness in solid-tone areas.


  • Measuring surface 30 mm x 30 mm

Mottling quantities

  • Mottling index
  • Homogeneity
  • Colour distance


  • Quality control for paper manufacturer
  • Control for further processing


Brochure Mottling tester



Solid-tone area in offset printing

poor uniformity

15 mm x 15 mm

Solid-tone area in offset printing

high uniformity

15 mm x 15 mm

Technical data

Dimensions (HxBxT) 400 mm x 360 mm x 470 mm
Weight 12.5 kg
Measuring field 30 mm x 30 mm
Scope of supply Calibrated device with certificate, framegrabber, software, PC–ware