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emco NDT 100-S Automatic Wet Expansion tester for 3 testing standards

The new emco NDT Wet Expansion tester for paper realizes a dynamic measuring principle for the determination of the wet stretch course. The testing of wet stretch of paper is relevant for the assessment of the material behaviour in manufacturing process as well as in application only when a dynamic measurement procedure is used. 

The expansion measurement of a paper sample can be performed in different test liquids. In combination with immersion and expansion time the application process can be optimally simulated.

Expansion of paper caused by liquids means the swelling of the fibers by absorption of liquid. Thereby paper fibers swell less in machine direction than in cross direction. Equivalent results arise from wet stretch measurements at standard climatic conditions (23 °C, 50 % rH) and defined counterweights (Fenchel, Mütek CD, Mütek MD).

Automatic Wet Expansion tester according to Fenchel, Mütek CD and MD in one device


  • Contact-free data logging with laser sensor clothes the peripheral influences like friction or counteracting forces of the measuring person
  • Digital measurement resolution 0.01 %
  • Variable period of measurement about 1 - 900 seconds
  • Adjustable immersion time and time to expand after separation paper - liquid
  • Automatic zero calibration and compensation of the clamping field
  • Graphical view of the course of the measurement
  • Reduced operator effort because of magnet terminals under 30 seconds
  • Output of measuring data and parameters to PC for central management of results
  • Integrated climatic sensor (optional)
  • Sample preparation with the electric Multi Sample Slitter emco MSS or Sample Cutting emco PZS (optional)
  • Climate module for controlled testing conditions (optional)


Brochure Wet Expansion Tester

emco NDT video

FAQ - Wet Expansion Tester


The expansion measurement of paper is used in research & development and quality control for:

  • Decor paper
  • Poster paper
  • Wallpaper
  • Speciality papers
  • all papers in further processing

Video presentation

Technical data

Sample dimensions 15 mm x 100 mm (50 mm x 100 mm optional)
Measure time 1 - 900 sec
Power supply 110 .. 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Air pressure 6 bar
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions (WxHxL) NDT 200 mm x 650 mm x 300 mm
Dimensions (WxHxL) Control unit 390 mm x 130 mm x 210 mm