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emco Paper testing instruments

The emco paper testing instruments are configurable paper testing automates for quality control and automated standard paper testing instruments acoording to DIN or TAPPI-standard.



emco PPA Vario - Paper testing automat

  • Configurable, compact testing automates for fully automatic proof of cross-sections of paper, paper board and carton for the use in testing laboratories and on the machine


emco NDT - Automatic Wet Expansion tester

  • For determining the wet expansion of paper and paperboard according to Fenchel, Mütek MD und Mütek CD


emco IBT - Internal Bond tester

  • Determination of splitting strength of the structure of paper, paper board, compound systems, etc. according to TAPPI and ISO


emco GPR - Precision Smoothness tester according to Bekk

  • Testing instrument for paper, paperboard or film to determine the smoothness of Bekk according to DIN 53107 and Zellcheming V/23/73
  • Unique selling point: air pressure compensation


emco MSS - Multi Sample Slitter

  • Electric sample slitter for simultaneous cutting up to 7 stripes with fixed width out of one paper


emco PZS - Sample Cutting

  • Lever cutting machine with mounted measuring caliper for fast production of test strips for standard-compliant paper testing