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emco PZS Sample Cutting

Cutting machine for fast production of test strips for standard-compliant paper testing


  • Professional lever cutting machine
  • Easy, precise and safe cutting
  • Variable stop with mounted caliper for precise and exact positioning
  • Electronic display of strip width
  • High-quality, regrindable steel knives
  • Reliable automatic safety system
  • Sturdy metal table with rounded edges and non-slip rubber feet



Brochure Sample Cutting

Technical data

Cutting length 360 mm
Formats A4 / A3 horizontal
Max. cutting height 3.5 mm
Max. cutting capacity A4 80 g/qm* 35 sheets
Cutting width up to 60 mm
Display LCD 5-digits, switchable metric/inch
Reading accuracy 0.01 mm
Table size (outside dimensions) 460 mm x 600 mm x 190 mm
Net weight 7.5 kg