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Milestones of the emco history


  • Company Anniversary: 30 years emco GmbH


  • Generational change: Franziska Beltz becomes the new Managing Director of emco GmbH
  • Launching of the pulp moisture meter emco CMM
  • Launching of the emco LMM moisture meter for loose recycled paper



  • Development and production of the emco PZS - cutting machine for the fast production of test strips


  • Company Anniversary: 25 years emco GmbH



  • Launching of the new device generation of ultrasonic transmission emco DPM66
  • Development and launching of the innovation marks i. a. on decor paper as a module for the emco IAS based on the original algorithms of Dr. Praast


  • Launching of the air conditioned, automated paper testing emco PPA decor climate
  • Scientific basics for multispectral paper analysis emco MSA (2011-2014)
  • Launching of the automated determination of recovered paper as part of Recovered paper management system emco AP 500-M5 solution


  • Development and launching of the innovation greasy appearance/ calander mottling as a module for the emco IAS


  • Company Anniversary: 20 years emco GmbH


  • Development of an automatic feature for the determination of the moisture hysteresis of paper (2010 - 2011)
  • Pilot implementation of the paper management emco PMM in printhouses


  • Beginning of the launch of measurement technologies and services concerning the paper characteristics of processing


Company Anniversary: 15 years emco GmbH

  • Discovery and formulation of the seven paper characteristics for processing
  • Development of the paper testing instrument emco PPA print with the automated 3D surface topography and NIR measurement as a result of the use of the competence of GFMesstechnik GmbH Teltow, Bruker Optik GmbH Ettlingen and PTS Heidenau



  • The first references for the Web Tension Control System emco BSM are installed
  • emco and the PTS cooperate in the field of the picture evaluation and become the world's biggest complete supplier of picture evaluation applications of paper
  • Beginning of the cooperation with Bruker Optik GmbH with the aim to automate the NIR measurement of paper


  • A revolution in the printing press will trigger the Web Tension Control System emco BSM introduced by emco at the DRUPA. It allows an optimal control of the web tensions for a paper in the printing process - based on the life work of Dr. Erhard Glöckner (formerly KBA Würzburg)


November 2002

  • Overtaking of the division paper test technology (APPS, IBT, GPR, DSP, NDT, TSS) from the company Roschiwal and Partner systematically extension


  • Opening of the electronic thickness measuring in the range to 5 mm as a battery operated hand-held gauge
  • Establishing of the calibrated absolute ultrasound transmission measuring in dB at the emco DPM and new software emco Viewer


  • Launching of the dynamic expansion measuring emco DDPM as an extension of the emco DPM to the complex characterization of the dynamic behavior of paper
  • Simultaneous measuring of the dynamics of ultrasound and tension


  • Beginning of the cooperation with Dr. Praast for the exclusive sale of the picture evaluation systems emco IAS developed by him
  • Beginning of the cooperation with Schaller Messtechnik GmbH Ludersdorf for the development and the worldwide sale of moisture measuring systems as hand-held gauges, transmitters and online measuring for the nondestructive determination of the moisture in paper, cardboard and carton as an alternative to the infrared and microwaves-measuring systems


  • Full-automatic version emco DPM30 with new software emco DPM

July 1992

  • Foundation of the company emco Elektronische Meß- und Steuerungstechnik GmbH
  • Fundamental idea: ultrasound-transmission measuring
  • Development of the first measurement instrument series

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