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3. Capillarity

Measuring principle

The measurement of the capillarity happens through the indirect determination of this characteristic.

The ultrasonic transmission measurement emco DPM is carried out after the dynamic contact of one paper side with n-heptane.

Measurements and results

emco7(tD) of page 1 und emco7(tD) of page 2 im printing process-relevant period D which is chosen according to the print technique

Significance for the printing process

  • Ink absorption
  • Ink drying
  • Ink anchorage
  • Ink construction
  • Colour impression, gloss
  • Intensity range of printing speed
  • Sideness (differences between side 1 and side 2)
  • Printing phenomena: smudging, depositing, block up, agglutinate, doubling, ghosting, hardening

emco applications

emco DPM print