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2. Compressibility

Measuring principle: indirect determination of characteristics

Strip light projection determines a height information in an area raster of 1600 x 1200 (1,92 million pixel) with an evaluable resolution of 0,1 µm within 6 seconds.
The paper is pressed against a visually transparent plate with line pressure corresponding to the printing process.

Measurements - results at defined pressure

Calculation of mathematic dominated algorithm:

  • Roughness and values according DIN EN ISO 4488 and 4487, roughness in µm
  • Surface volume in cm³/m²
  • Scarredness index according Dr. Hermann Praast
  • Critical heights and valleys with number and area, measurements in µm selectable

Significance for the printing process

  • Ink transfer, ink consumption, colour impression, ink stand, ink construction
  • Comparison of topography with and without contact pressure provides information about the printing process - repetitions and different moisture levels are possible
  • Printing phenomenon: mottling, missing dots, ghosting