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emco DPMprint printability and runability of paper

The emco DPMprint is a emco DPM with special equipment for the characterization of print papers.

The paper characteristics which have to fulfill the printing process requirements are called "the printing process relevant characteristics of a paper".

DrE methods

  • Dynamic of behaviour with water, dampener additives and solvents
  • Dynamic of capillary absorption regarding to ink absorption, ink drying
  • Dynamic of expansion and shrinking in case of climate and moisture change
  • Dynamic of change of the elastic modulus in case of water absorption in relation to web tension settings


  • Fan-out potential
  • Changes in dimension of paper during printing and postpress
  • Dynamic of tension expansions in case of water absorption in the printing process in relation to web tension settings


Wet expansion in CD (cross direction) in %

  • Fan-out potential
  • Changes in dimension during printing

Capillarity of side 1 and 2

  • Ink absorption
  • Ink drying

Water penetration of side 1 and 2

  • Liquid absorption

Every printing process relevant characteristic is also available as a calculated numeric value.

Long-term stability of printed products under climatic influences

  • Long-term stability of ink and varnish layers
  • Evaluation of flatness, waviness, stretching and overhanging
  • Compatibility of different papers in a printed product
  • Margin role problems

The measuring system emco DPMprint generates printing paper dates for the emco methods I, II an IV.

Brochure emco DPMprint