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emco DPM Sizing Characterization of surface and internal sizing

The emco DPM Sizing is a method for characterization of the dynamics of water penetration and of the surface and paper sizing, based on the ultrasonic transmission measurement.

This method is a modular component of the emco DPM system to characterize the printing process relevant properties of paper.

  • Dynamics of the wetting of the surface
  • Capillary penetration
  • Dynamics of the fiber absorption

emco DPM - Base curve

The base curve represents the change of paper structure in water.

I. Wetting phase of surface

II. Capillary penetration

III. Fiber absorption

IV. Fiber swelling and elimination of fiber structures

V. Pulp (water-fiber-mix)


The emco DPM Sizing Method characterizes the sizing of paper by the interaction of paper and water, determined with ultrasound.

emco DPM - key figures sizing

emco key figures sizing to evaluate:

  • emco2 – Wetting static
  • emco3 – Wetting dynamic
  • emco4 – Hydrophobic number
  • emco5 – Stiffness index
  • emco6 – Begin of fiber absorption
  • emco7 – Dynamic fiber absorption
  • emco8 – Fiber absorption static


The phases I, II and III of the base curve are important for the evaluation of sizing and stiffness of the paper. The numbers emco2 to emco6 are influenced by surface sizing; emco7 and emco8 by internal sizing.

emco DPM - Calculator

emco DPM Sizing Method:

  • Printing and processing relevant time
  • Characterization of surface and internal sizing
  • Correlation to Cobb test depending on the paper composition
  • Application-oriented parameters t2 and t8 are eligible
  • Parameters for capillary are integrable

The emco DPM Sizing Method differs to other measuring methods by:

  • Introduction of the base curve for different liquids
  • Introduction of an emco key figure sizing system with mathematic interpretation of the base curveThe emco DPM


Brochure emco DPM Sizing