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emco PMSA - Single Paper Sheet Moisture Analyzer

Quick moisture sensor for determination of water content of single paper sheets


  • Determination of the absolute water content of individual sheets of paper within seconds
  • Calibration of other paper types possible
  • Precise measured values and extremely high repeat accuracy
  • Self-calibration of the sensor before each measurement
  • PC software for evaluation and management of measurement data


  • For the analysis of samples directly from the paper machine
  • For incoming and outgoing inspection of paper sheets

Measuring Procedure

Select the paper type to be measured in the software, insert the respective paper sheet and click the start button. After a few seconds, the determined water content is displayed on the screen. Additional data like a batch number can be added and the measuring values saved in a database. The measuring data can also be exported (csv, html, xls) or printed out. Other paper types can be easily created and calibrated via the software.


Brochure PMSA

Technical data

Measuring range 1 - 20 % water content, resolution 0,01 %
Grammage range 30 - 800 g/m²
Paper thickness 0.8 mm max. (higher range on request)
Paper size 180 x 180 mm² min.
Temperature range 0 - 50°C / 32 - 122°F
Power supply 5 VDC via USB mini B connector
PC interface USB mini B connector
PC required for data analysis, not included.